Friday, April 04, 2008

That time I didn't meet Morgan Spurlock

I went to an advance screening of Morgan Spurlock's new documentary Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? It chronicles Spurlock's attempt to track down and capture the most elusive terrorist on earth to make the world safe for his soon to be born child. Spurlock was supposed to be on hand for a post screening Q&A but it was announced before the screening that he would not be attending. That was disappointing because I find Spurlock's work completely acceptable on the small screen and went specifically to see him.

The film began with requisite background and set up and I liked it all the way up to the point when I thought, wait a minute this has got to be over soon...he hasn't even gone to Pakistan yet and even I know that OBL's probably in Pakistan. When he arrives at a border crossing in an area that looks like he should start finding some real leads he is deterred by a sign that says no foreigners allow. Spurlock has an epiphany about making the world safe for his child vs. safe for all children. He concludes that capturing OBL isn't the cure all that he was looking for and that risking himself any further would be senseless so he goes home.

I understand that he was about to become a new dad but I expect more from Spurlock. This let's all hug it out ending was unrealistic and irresponsible in a way. If finding Osama isn't important then why make a movie about it? I thought the film was going to be about how much money the US has spent looking for him; a point not even considered by Spurlock.

I was especially disappointed because I really enjoyed Super Size Me, Spurlock's documentary chronicling his odyssey of eating only McDonald's for 30 days and what it did to his health. I loved that he stuck with his plan and completely compromised his health. I respected that.

I also liked his reality TV show 30 Days where regular people spent 30 days living in someone else's shoes. One of the most surreal stories was the middle aged American man who went to India and applied for and after passing an English fluency test, won his same job that had been outsourced months before.

Anyway I wanted to ask him if he ever lost those last pounds after Super Size Me and which 30 Days did he find the most interesting?

Sorry that I didn't get to meet you Morgan, another time perhaps.

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Patrick Roberts said...

Morgan Spurlock never ceases to impress me... i just saw Super Size Me, which was amazingly insightful, and now he's making a documentary that investigates the war on terrorism? well done indeed