Friday, April 04, 2008

Ramiele Goes Home on Idol

Again no surprises on Idol this week. Ramiele Malubay, Brooke White and Kristi Lee Cook were in the bottom three and Ramiele went home. (Note to self: zoning out during a performance and having to rewind is a very bad sign.)

Cook offered this explanation of his hospital visit after last night's show: "The whole thing kind of got blown out of proportion. I have high blood pressure and it spiked and so they took me there as a precaution; but I'm cool, I'm not going anywhere."

Dolly performed a new song "Jesus & Gravity" (Jesus lifts her up and gravity hold her down); not exactly my cup of tea but I admire her energy and positive outlook. She's an icon and a nice person, I wish this week on Idol had been better for her.

The winners of America's Next Great American Band (American Idol for bands) the Clark Brothers sang "This Little Light of Mine" which was a weird mix of a gospel song with country guitar stylings and something like punk vocals (or maybe he was just yelling). Don't worry, Next Great American Band never really found an audience and I don't expect it back.

Next week's theme is Inspirational songs.

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