Monday, April 21, 2008

Jerry Seinfeld Live Stand up

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Jerry Seinfeld Friday night in Boston.

65 minutes without profanity; Cosby is the only other comic I've seen do that and both shows were great.

Seinfeld did dabble in the taboo by tackling a topic that I consider long overdue for comedic attention: *69. He posed the excellent question, "How did this get by an entire company?"

As an encore he took questions and when asked if there'll be a Seinfeld reunion he said that it was a possiblility but that all four careers (Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Loius Dreyfuss, Michael Richards) would have to tank. When asked if he'd do another sitcom he replied, "I'm old, lazy and rich."

Tom Papa offered a great opening set.

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