Thursday, June 28, 2012

Come on FX! Louie deserves more support

FX kicks off a huge lineup of original programming tonight and though Charlie Sheen's Anger Management has grabbed most of the headlines, Louie staring comedian Louis CK returns for its third season along with Wilfred starring Elijah Wood opening their second season and the debut of Brand X Russell Brand's new show.

Seems that FX is hoping that viewers will tune in for Anger Management and stay for the wackiness that is Wilfred (Elijah Wood sees his female neighbor's dog as an Australian man in a dog suit who can talk while the rest of the world sees him as the dog that he is) and the insightful and biting truths Louis CK disguises as television greatness. 

Louis CK recently made headlines for selling tour tickets directly to fans via his website but if you can't make it to his show you should definitely check out Louie.

Louis CK Tickets

Brother Louie (Hot Chocolate as covered by Stories)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New site, more features

The website continues to evolve; Tuesday we just brought back This Day in Music History (Happy Birthday Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays!) and we'll soon be bringing back more favorites as well as adding new content regularly.  We worked out several backend issues over the weekend and are also working to get more content imported.

We are aware of the thumbnail display problem, it's going to take a bit to correct but thanks to those who pointed it out.

We hope that you're enjoying the more interactive archives with videos and twitter feeds.
Stick around, watch the Archives grow!

Michael Jackson's Music Archive

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Softest launch ever

Today is a very big day for The Rock & Roll Library because the beta version of the new website launched. We're excited that it's online and anxious to finally start growing and organizing our online content for music fans around the world.

We'll continue rolling out new functionality over the next few weeks and update news and media daily.

If you're looking for an internship, we've got openings (and you can work remotely): Artist & Media relations, Staff writer, Music Archivist (research & documentation) and Photographers with their own equipment to shoot concerts and events. Apply here