Saturday, April 26, 2008

Madden NFL 09 coverboy

I guess that they couldn't get anyone to take on the curse* this year. Word is that LaDanian Tomlinson has turned the Madden NFL cover down repeatedly but for the 20th edition of the uber popular EA Sports videogame they tapped retiree Brett Favre.

Beyond his single greatest crime of beating the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI I really enjoyed watching him throughout his career. He was tough as nails and exciting as hell week in an week out. Congrats Favre, you're the first retired player to land on the Madden cover.

I have a great idea, create a new game NFL Alltime, and allow gamers to draft against each other from a lineup of alltime greats. I would love to play Brady, Rice and Emmitt vs. Montana, Moss, and Barry Sanders (actually older players would be even better). EA Sports, make a nice donation to the Rock & Roll Library and the idea's yours. I actually like this for all videogame sports.

Pre-Draft coverage has started.

I must bid you adieu.


*The Madden Curse befalls NFL players who grace the cover of John Madden's football videogame and ensures an injury or otherwise inexplicable implosion of said player during the season.

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