Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who's on first, What's on Second

So I had quite an interesting day talking with people all over the country trying to get air time for the Giving Challenge. We can still win but it will take a massive effort to get the word out and I thought that radio would be a great medium for immediate impact and that I could target several metropolitan areas across the country to help generate donors.

However, in radio, there is a heirarchy at each station it includes:Programming Directors, Music Directors, Marketing Directors, Show Producers, On Air Talent etc. However the heirarchy isn't always the same. One station may have a much beloved On-Air personality who has more power over content while at another station the Programming Director rules.

Unless you know a station's history it can be hard to know who to talk to. I suffered from this today. I spoke with Program Directors who said that individual show producers would have to make the decisions and I spoke with On Air talent that said that it would have to be ok'd by the Programming Director, I also spoke with Show Producers who said that the On Air talent has to decide for themselves if they want to talk about it. However, I shall persist so Programming Directors, Music Directors, Show Producers, On-Air talent be prepared for my call and please take it. (or if you can help, email me at

I just want you to talk about Rock & Roll Library on the air for a few minutes and tell listeners that we're a worthy public charity and that if they want to help preserve the history of music and access it free online they should donate $10 right now to help Rock & Roll Library win $50,000 on Thursday. Simple enough!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Giving Challenge so far, it has been very nice to hear from everyone and receive all the Birthday well wishes. I also received a lot of positive feedback about January 28th being celebrated as the holiday "Music" or "Music Day" so clearly we should start a petition and get that going. Anyone know how to start an online petition? I don't think that I have that as a blog feature, but I'll look into it, I'm pretty sure that there are websites that host them for free.

My Founder's Day was quite good; Bruce Springsteen and Jerry Garcia were on the box. We danced and sang and acted silly. I got Jay-Z's American Gangster - look kids, an actual CD!

More Tomorrow,


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