Friday, January 25, 2008

Four in the morning, tapped out, yawning...

It's been a REALLY long day and it's got to end soon, but I didn't want to leave my regulars hanging so here's some incoherent drivel at 4 in the morning.

It's hard not having a publicist. I'm out there promoting this myself and it can be hard to make a donation request especially from teachers. We all know that teachers are overworked and underpaid and that is part of why we have an education department that creates helpful resources for educators and runs contests that reward them (both financially and spiritually). We like teachers a lot and we hope that they'll help us get a leg up so that we can continue and improve our work to integrate popular music and education.

As every charity fundraiser knows, you have to make the request; so I did, I made many request today and I plan to make even more requests tomorrow. We need to win this grant and we need people to know about our work and the Rock & Roll Library.

Enough with the requests for cash, for those of you in Boston I heard today that original FNX newsman Henry Santoro quit in the middle of his news update this morning. Now granted I didn't hear it because honestly, I'm not up at that hour, but Universal Hub blogged about it this afternoon (at 3:43PM so I doubt they were up either). It has now been suggested that it was a stunt but if it's not, it's a great loss for FNX and Boston radio. Henry has been a fixture at FNX since the beginning surviving countless talent replacements and he does a great job. It isn't easy being FNX in this radio market but they have created a niche and Henry has been integral in making it a solid radio station with some great events.

Henry has also been a friend to the Rock & Roll Library inviting me on air and helping me promote, the Music Archive, Song Lesson Contests and our local benefit concerts. I appreciate his support and I hope that things work out for the best for him.

Oh and Henry if you're reading this shoot me an email, I could use some help with America's Giving Challenge, we only have until 3PM on Thursday January 31 to get as many online donations as possible. Everyone please click the orange Donate button on the right if you can help. I have to take the dog out.

More tomorrow,


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