Thursday, January 24, 2008

Help RockLibrary win $50,000

I am very excited to announce that the Rock & Roll Library is participating in America’s Giving Challenge which will award $50,000 to eight charities that receive the highest number of unique donations before 3PM on January 31, 2008.

The Challenge is pretty simple: donations of $10 or more must be made through my charity badge located on the right side of this blog and a unique donor is defined by a unique email address and credit card or PayPal account (Visa, MC, AMEX and Discover are all accepted).

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for us as we are currently focusing on development and fundraising to help propel Rock Library to the next level of success.

The Rock & Roll Library is a 100% volunteer organization that I founded in 1999. Through tens of thousands of volunteer hours, additional donated services from a wide array of professionals and nearly 10,000 hours contributed by college interns, the Rock & Roll Library was built from the ground up.

We started in 1999 by building our first website, laying out plans for educational programs and mapping out the Music Archive. As we continued to grow we built the RRL Music Archive 1.0 in Cold Fusion (which I was assured was the most robust and scalable of database programs) with database consultants directing Computer Science undergrads and ultimately we began adding content.

With lightning advances in programming and data management our original Music Archive database became outdated and with an offer from established web/database developers we embarked on our most significant project: building an entirely new website and database in a different program, Microsoft Sequel Server and .NET.

Needless to say a project of this magnitude took up a good amount of time and because it was being done pro bono it took longer than we had anticipated. However we persevered and ultimately re-launched and the new RRL Music Archive and began adding content: people, bands, albums, songs, events, news stories, biographies, band histories etc.

Our next step is to create strategic partnerships that will serve the RRL and its visitors such as Click to Buy: Song, CD, Book, DVD, Ringtone, Ticket and Sheet Music by providing reputable retail vendor options to visitors and provide long term funding streams for the RRL. However I am committed to maintaining the integrity of which you may have noticed does not accept ANY advertising.

I was an early adopter believing that the Internet was the way of the future. Maybe it was because I saw its possibility or maybe because it served my needs. I always believed that I’d build a brick and mortar music library that would attract music fans from around the world to study the history of music, what I didn’t expect was the Internet to come along and make my music library available to the world from their own homes.

Please click the big orange "Donate" button on the right and make your contribution today and if you would, please tell one other person about my work.

More tomorrow…


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