Wednesday, March 26, 2008

comedy music videos

I'm suffering from non-blogging remorse. There have been several items that I thought would be great for the blog but time constraints made it impossible for me to post.

So I'm going to start writing some shorter, more informal entries; look for them soon.

Oh, here’s one now…

For anyone who missed it, Sarah Silverman + Matt Damon. It's true she announced it on Jimmy Kimmel Live (1/31/08), check out the video below (aired on national television but may be Not Suitable for Work or the faint of heart).

And Sarah Silverman’s boyfriend, late night talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel + Ben Affleck. It's true, they announced it on his show (2/24/08), check out their response video to Sarah & Matt below (aired on national television but may be Not Suitable for Work or the faint of heart).

As you know I’m frequently up late and I caught both debuts live on Kimmel. Silverman introduced the clip that she said she had made for his birthday in October but because of the writer's strike she had to wait to show it to him until the show resumed production in February.

Affleck stopped by after the Oscars to debut his and Kimmel's response.

Both nights I was on the floor. These are the best comedy music videos I have seen since SNL digital shorts "Lazy Sunday” AKA Chronic-WHAT?-chles of Narnia and the Emmy award winning D**k in a Box".

I am beyond impressed with the work that comedians are doing with audio, video and music production. Saturday Night Live has regularly been featuring SNL digital shorts for a couple of years and I expect it will grow as long as Lorne doesn’t approve Laser Cats, Laser Cats 2 or the undoubtedly “in the works” Laser Cats 3. More comedy music videos please!

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