Monday, February 04, 2008

Patriot Nation

For six unbelievable months we watched and reveled in the glory of the Patriots. Their perfect perfectness on display week after week, destroying every opponent in their path, finding ways to win, delivering joy to us and all of Patriot Nation.

Today they faltered. In the biggest game of the year, they faltered and lost to Tom Coughlin's NY Giants. Crushing. I feel for my battered brothers who gave of themselves so valiantly but ultimately fell short of our common goal.

But I love them still and will hold my head high as a proud Patriot fan as I look forward to the 7th pick in the NFL draft.

I can ask no more of the Patriots than to play their hearts out every time they step on the field and I believe that they did that.

I am at peace. I hope the same for you.

Congratulations Eli Manning and the New York Giants you are the World Champions.

More tomorrow,


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